Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen

Born in 1910, Eero Saarinen was a designer ahead of his time who was famous for his neofuturistic designs which continue to defy the time.

Raised in Michigan, Saarinen received his first critical recognition for his renowned Tulip Chair designed together with Charles Eames in 1940 whilst still working with his father. The Tulip Chair like all other Saarinen chairs was taken into production by the Knoll furniture company.

During his time with Knoll, Saarinen designed many influential pieces of furniture such as the "Womb" chair and ottoman (1948) and his most famous "Tulip" or "Pedestal" group (1956), which featured our popular Tulip Table, Saarinen Side Table as well as side and arm chairs, dining and coffee tables as well as a stool.

He had a close relationship with fellow students Charles and Ray Eames and became good friends with Florence Knoll.

Eero Saarinen died in 1951 but left a lasting legacy for truly inspiring designs.